Wincent Stick Grips

Wincent Drumsticks

Wincent Stick Grips

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Wincent Drumsticks

Wincent Stick Grips

Wincent Stick Grips make every drumstick a CUSTOM drumstick. 


Customize Your Drum Sticks with Wincent Stick Grips.

Model Number

WSGF (pair)

Get a Better Grip without Sticky Tapes or Complicated Wraps

Adding Wincent Stick Grips to your preferred model is a simple way to improve feel and grip. Their thermoplastic material will shrink to fit most any drumstick model for better shock absorption and better control.

Simply slide the Stick Grip onto the fulcrum area of your stick and roll while treating with a hair dryer or heat gun.

Wincent Stick Grips are sold in pairs.




Black w/Flame Logo