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Viscount Snare Drums



Viscount Snare Drums

The military expect the best and Pearl have answered their call. Designed and built in conjunction with The Royal Marines and British Army, the Pearl Viscount Series Snare Drum offers 4-ply Birch shells with reinforcement rings which give the perfect sound for parade band settings. The wooden hoops and tube lugs give the drum the classic look and a distinctive historical sound.


Viscount Snare

Model Number



Viscount Snare Drums are available in two configurations: Single Snare (VCS1412SS) and Twin Snare (VCS1412TS).  Matched with case-hardened tension bolts and aluminum alloy hardware, this drum is designed to withstand the test of time while providing a beautiful snare sonority.

Shell Size

14" x 12"


Cool red and black


4-ply 100% Birch Shell

Pearl's Viscount Snare Drum features a lightweight 4-ply 100% Birch shell with reinforcement rings.

6-ply 100% Maple Hoops

Pearl's Viscount Snare Drum is outfitted with 6-ply 100% Maple hoops for dependable tuning and years of durability.

14" Diameter

Pearl's Viscount Snare Drum is offered as a 14" diameter by 12" depth shell; the optimal size for marching snare drum.

Aluminum Alloy Hardware

Aluminum alloy tube lugs provide a lightweight yet sturdy tension point for the drum.

Die-cast Rubber-lined Claws

Designed to provide unfettered head and shell resonance, the die-cast rubber-lined claws give the drum uninhibited tone.

Snare Strainer Options

Available as a Single Snare and Twin Snare configuration

Drum Ball Feet

Three DRB100 Drum Ball Feet which affix to the top hoop tension rods protect the drum from damage when set down

Remo Drum Heads

Pearl's Viscount Snare Drums come equipped with Remo drumheads:

Batter - Remo Emperor Smooth White
Snare - Remo Ambassador Hazy

Wrap Finish Options

Viscount Snare Drums are available in 3 classic wrap finishes:

#33 Pure White
#46 Midnight Black
#795 Military


Pearl Viscount Snare Drums are available in 2 configurations; Single Snare and Twin Snare.

Model Description
VCS1412SS Viscount Snare Drum - Single Snare
VCS1412TS Viscount Snare Drum - Twin Snare