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Live Streaming Durability Experiment Have you ever wondered how long can a drum pedal live? How many shows and practice sessions can it survive? To answer all these questions once and forever Pearl set up the Eliminator Redline Pedal Durability Experiment. We built a special robot to see what is the limit to this pedal and for how long can it resist a beating. You can watch it online or follow its Twitter account to get regular updates. Will it last a month, a year or will the robot break before the pedal? Stay tuned to find out. Pearl’s original PowerShifter Eliminator was a giant leap ahead in bass drum pedals. The world’s only pedal featuring the patented Interchangeable Cam System, Eliminator’s virtually unlimited tunability lets the player lock in totally personalized feel, power and speed. The Eliminator Redline is the next step forward. Like having four kick drum pedals in one, Redline fuses the stunning power and flexibility of the original Eliminator pedal with the fluid speed of our Demon series pedals. With a host of radical improvements, Eliminator Redline unlocks the perfect feel by choosing a cam, further pushing the boundaries of bass drum performance. Want to know more? Visit Pearl Eliminator Redline page.

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Get your sticks ready, because this long-awaited e-drum set is finally here. When the world’s leading drum company spends five long years working hand in hand with the music industry’s leading electronics company, great things are bound to happen. Please welcome e/MERGE, an all new e-drumming experience like never before. We are excited to announce the final launch of this electronic drum set, it is now available to order at your official Pearl Dealer. Acoustic-like Feel Wave Trigger Technology of the Pearl e/MERGE allows every nuance of your playing style, and even your choice of stick to infinitely color the sound produced. It is faster than anything simply trigger based. The patent pending PUREtouch Electronic Pads were constructed by Pearl and KORG engineers with six layers of material that work together to create the most natural feel of any electronic pad available. Visit one of the upcoming events to experience e/MERGE yourself: o Italy – Oct 20th – Musika Expo in Rome o France – Oct 27th – La Bag Show in Paris o Germany – Nov 1st/3rd – Musicpark in Leipzig o Spain – Nov 3rd – TamTam DrumFest in Sevilla

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These Pearl products won the Slagwerkkrant Readers Award 2019 The votes have been counted and we couldn't be happier to announce that these three Pearl products won the hearts of the Slagwerkkrant magazine readers in 2019. Best Snare Drum: Pearl Modern Utility Floor Snare Best Hardware: Pearl ICON Rack System Best Percussion: Pearl Primero Guiro Cowbell Moreover, these incredible Pearl Artists from Benelux were awarded too! Best Drummer Benelux: Cesar Zuiderwijk Best Fusion/Crossover: Lucas van Merwijk Best Percussion Group: Slagerij van Kampen Best Drum Event of the Year: 2000 drummers aan zee by Cesar Zuiderwijk Thank you very much for your support and for all your votes!



Beautiful Drum background pictures for your Phone and a Desktop New Pearl Masters Maple Complete drummer wallpapers for your devices. Desktop IPad Phone 1024x768 1920x1080 2880x1800 IPad Retina Android (1080x1920) Samsung Galaxy 7 Samsung Galaxy 8,9 IPhone 6,7,8 IPhone X