Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston

Biffy Clyro

Ben Johnston

Biffy Clyro

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As a founding member of Biffy Clyro in the mid 90’s , Ben Johnson has been a key part of the success of the band. After being spotted playing the un-signed stage at the 2000 T-in-the-Park festival they were quickly signed to Beggars Banquet and their debut single was the Kerrang! Single of the week in October that year. From there they have grown and grown and in the Rhythm 2004 reader poll Ben was voted number 2 Best new drummer.

Artist Interview:

What is it you like so much about playing Pearl Drums?

Pearl Drums give me the chance to play one setup that sings both live and in the studio. The kick sound can't be beaten! 

Which drummer/band influenced you most into playing drums?

To many to mention, but Neil Peart, Dave Grohl, Petter Moffat, and William Goldsmith are a few of the front runners.

Who in your mind are the drummers of tomorrow?

Two of the most exciting drummers in Britain right now are Mark Herron of Oceansize, and Guy from Rueben

What do you like most about being a drummer?

Getting to hit things for a living!

What is the worst thing to happen to you during a show?

I have been very lucky there…nothing to serious or funny!

What do you practice and for how long?

I don't really have time to practice anymore, but if I had the time it would be everyday, and rudiments would definitely be looked at (boring I know!) 

What is your best advice to a young player wanting to make it in this industry?

Try to develop solid technique from the start, but also have your own style. Listen to all kinds of drumming, so you have a larger pool of influence to pull from.

If you had the chance to play drums for another artist who would it be?

Ben Folds Five


Drum Set:

Reference Pure

Crystal Beat Series

Masterworks Series

Masters Maple Reserve Series

Masters Maple Premium Series

a 22" x 18" Bass Drum

b 13" x 9" Tom

c 16" x 16" Floor Tom

d 18" x 16" Floor Tom

e 14" x 6.5" Snare Drum



H-2050 Hi-Hat Stand

S-1030 Snare Stand

P-2052C Eliminator RedLine Pedal Double

D-2500BR Throne w/Backrest

BC-2030 Boom Stand x4

B-1030 Boom Stand x3

AX-25 Adapter x3

TH-1030 Tom Holder

ADP-30 Adapter